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How to Increase Clarity in Your Preaching

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Several years ago I was listening to a student preach in class. In a few minutes I would be leading some class interaction on the message. But I had absolutely no idea what the speaker was talking about!

I had a copy of the student's outline off to one side, so I glanced at it, looking for some semblance of order so I could lead a profitable discussion.

To my amazement, the student's outline was beautiful — a logical progression, with proper subordinations and overall unity. The student had a first-class brain. Why couldn't I follow him?

That's when I began to discover that clarity in oral communication is different from clarity in written communication. It takes a special set of skills and adjustments to take a message that would be clear to a reader and make it clear for a hearer.

The reason we need to make these adjustments for oral clarity is because we lose many of the built-in aids to clarity that occur when our material is in written form.

The most powerful aid to clarity in ...

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