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Know Brain, Know Gain

3 ways discoveries in neuroscience can improve your preaching.
Know Brain, Know Gain

Your brain is about the size of a head of cauliflower. It looks and feels like a three and a half pound lump of firm tofu.[1] It comprises about two percent of your body's mass, but it uses twenty-five per percent of the body's energy. Breathtakingly complex, the "tofu" is capable of the most amazing feats such as the ones performed by mnemologists (memory experts). In the 1920s a Russian named Solomon Shereshevskii performed on stage by recalling strings of more than 100 digits, long strings of nonsense syllables, poetry in unknown languages, and elaborate scientific formulae.[2]

Scientists estimate that the brain contains 100 billion cells, many of which are neurons. These cells have a thin, complicated shape like the branch of a tree. They can be as short as a millimeter or as long as a meter. At one end is the axon and at the other end are dendrites, the twigs on the branch. Neurons communicate with each other by sending chemical and electrical signals racing down ...

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