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Restatement in Action

How to bring clarity through rephrasing

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Here is what restatement would look like in a message developed from the following outline, a topical sermon on God's omniscience.


  1. If I say I'm going to do something "quick as a wink," how fast is that?If I say, "I wouldn't do that for all the tea in China," how much tea are we talking about?If I say...
  2. You don't know the answer to these things.But God does.God knows that a wink is one-third of a second.God knows how much tea there is in China.According to a recent estimate...
  3. God knows everything.God is omniscient.
  4. I would like us to see how absolute is God's knowledge, and then be encouraged by what that means to you and me.

I.(God's knowledge is vast, specific, and personal.)

[The parentheses around point I are to indicate that the speaker will not actually say these words at this spot, but will instead pose a question to the listeners and allow the subpoints to cumulatively lead to the truth contained in point I.]
A. God's knowledge is vast — he has given a name to ...

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