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Preaching with Childlike Wonder

No matter how many times you have preached on a particular Bible text, there are new riches waiting to be discovered and proclaimed.

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During my first pastorate in a small town in northeastern Minnesota, I had the privilege of befriending an older parishioner named Howard Ballou, a gentle dairy farmer with huge hands and soft eyes, who lived to the ripe old age of 91. Throughout his long life, Howard suffered many losses: the death of his ten-year-old son; the sale of the family-run dairy farm (and even his precious Guernsey cows); the death of his wife and lifelong sweetheart, Chloe; and then at the twilight of his life, the reconstruction of both knees. Towards the end of his life, Howard struggled and ached. The once strong dairy farmer, who had worked 14 hour days, now clung to his aluminum walker with each painful step. At times, his body and his spirit shook with sadness. But even until his last breath, there was one thing Howard never lost: his childlike sense of wonder.

When I visited Howard six months before his death, he had a Bible (open to Leviticus 13) and a TV Guide perched on his lap. "Howard," I asked, ...

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Dave Fulton

July 04, 2012  6:35pm

What a wonderful vision from God. To me it certainly reflects the power of the Spirit, and a very valuable message to all who have read/studied your words from the heart !!!!!

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Gary Karas

June 26, 2012  5:06pm

Thanks, I needed that reminder!

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Steven Conner

June 25, 2012  4:41pm

Excellent insight and reminder...

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