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When Books Are More Than Just Books (part 1)

Warming your heart and mind in your library

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This is part one of a two-part series.

I love my library (a.k.a. my study, or office). My wallpaper is 2,000 books, most of them chosen one at a time. The other wall space is filled with framed calligraphy and pictures of country churches, harking back to my heritage. There's my $1 Rembrandt—a drawing of Jesus teaching—my ordination certificate, and a clock from the wood of a weathered snow fence with the chiseled words, "Things Take Time."

When someone who is not a book lover comes into my library for the first time, they often say, "Have you read all these books?" Of course I haven't. A true book lover wouldn't ask such a question. I think there's a law somewhere that you're supposed to have more books than you have read—sort of like Joseph storing up grain for seven lean years. I have computer software packing scores of books on a CD-Rom, but those aren't really books, of course. They're digital information and I have no particular affection for them even when I use them. ...

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