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The Clint Eastwoods of the Pulpit

Prophetic preachers are far more than gunslingers.

The Clint Eastwoods of the PulpitSee theme

We get our mental pictures of preaching from different places in the Bible. There's Paul on Mars Hill reasoning for the faith. And there he is preaching in a synagogue laying open gospel doctrine with his finger on an Old Testament text. Over there, on the hillside, is Jesus preaching to the multitudes with crowd-quieting authority and insight ("You have heard it said … but I say … "). Follow him awhile and we'll hear him turn a conversation toward a parable, compact and elegant. Then there is Peter on the Day of Pentecost preaching his heart out in the first full-bodied evangelistic sermon. Next thing you know, three thousand are baptized.

But there is another kind of preaching that watches Nathan with his finger in David's face ("You are the man!"); that watches Jeremiah whose words and heart cracked flint-like against Israel's hard hearts till the sparks flew. This is preaching that takes its cues from Elijah and Isaiah and all their ...

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Jack Mumford

January 17, 2011  5:01pm

You surely didn't use a nail gun to drive this point home. A hammer is the tool of choice, you feel the intensity of of the preacher with a prophetic message, with a nail gun you just pull the trigger no effort no moving of the Holy Spirit. As you mention, God's speaking through His servant and yes, that produces emotiom that usually brings tears of God's presence. Yes, I am traditional conservative, we don't look for or expect emotiomalism, but who can deny the moving of the divine power of our Heavenly Father upon His children. I am a Pastor and Hospice Chaplain, it is about NOW; Thank you for this inspiring article.

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