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Leonard Sweet: The Metaphor Moment (part 1)

Why it's the season for image-based preaching

"In your lifetime and mine, a tidal wave has hit. We are now in transition and in transit out of terra firma. A sea change of paradigm shifts and transformations is birthing a whole new world and a whole new set of ways of making our way in the world. The Dick-and-Jane world of my 50s childhood is over, washed away by a tsunami of change." So, not untypically with a gaggle of metaphors, does Leonard Sweet begin one of his recent books, Soul Tsunami: Sink or Swim in New Millennium Culture.

Sweet is professor of postmodern Christianity and dean of the theological school and vice president of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. He is the author of a number of books, most recently Soul Tsunami and Aqua Church. He is also about to open a new website, PreachingPlus.com, a new kind of preaching resource that will incorporate images and video streams (for PowerPoint demonstrations, for example), as well as the usual array of homiletical helps.

Sweet loves the metaphor, and he's not shy about ...

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