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When Books Are More Than Just Books (part 2)

Warming your heart and mind in your library

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In part one of this two-part series, Eclov described ways that books enriched his life, labeling works as "Frontier books," "Q&A books" and "Soul food." Here he offers two more ways that in his library he finds more than just books.

Old friends

These are books that mean more than they say. I have a ragged paperback copy of Gordon MacDonald's Ordering Your Private Word. A friend sent it to me years ago, scrawling in the cover an order to read it because he was worried about me. He was right, and the book helped immensely.

I love my Aunt Hilda's old Bible. She was a missionary, and I have the Bible she read in her retirement. She capitalized every single personal pronoun for God, unhappy with the lower case h for he and him in her NIV. Sometimes she jotted the pre-dawn hour of her devotions in the margin and wrote notes from sermons and her Precepts classes. It is a beautiful book.

Reclining along nearly four feet of shelf space is my most revered teacher, Alexander Maclaren. This giant of ...

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Michael Milton

April 02, 2007  12:00pm

Wonderful! He expresses my heart for my own treasury of old friends that others call a library.

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