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Loving Your Library (part 2)

How to manage your romance with books

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This is part two of a two-part series. Inpart one, the author discussed the need to do triage in considering what books to buy and how to know when to dispose of books.


Once we have determined which books are worth retaining, there is still the question of how we are going to store them.

Shelving hasn't changed a great deal over the years. My dorm room, years ago, was a maze of planks and patio blocks. Today my shelves are more respectable, but their utility hasn't much improved. Remember that if you are going to bother putting your books on shelves in your office, it isn't for the purpose of display. It is so that they will be handy when you need them. I try to put the most useful books closest to my desk. If I have to get up out of my seat to retrieve them, they probably are not going to come to hand as often.

Increasingly, there are software solutions for the storage of books, particularly the classics in public domain. Years ago, I purchased a CD that contained original full-text ...

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