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Preparing More Than One Sermon Per Week

How to maximize your preparation time and keep sermon quality high

If your church or ministry setting requires you to prepare more than one sermon a week, how can you prepare an additional sermon after pouring everything into the first one? It's the challenge you face if your church has a Sunday night or mid-week service in addition to your primary weekend worship service(s). Let me state the question from another angle: if it takes all your time and energy just to produce one quality sermon a week, how can you hope to prepare two better-than-mediocre sermons week in and week out?

Admittedly, it's been awhile since I've faced this challenge. I currently prepare only one sermon a week, and I still have my hands full! But I've faced this challenge in previous pastorates, and I have five suggestions for making it work.


First, you must prioritize. Spend most of your time preparing the sermon for your primary worship service(s), and spend less time preparing for the secondary preaching opportunity. This is a strategic move born of a desire to give ...

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J. Perry Fowler

September 12, 2007  12:00am

I appreciated this article and felt it had some great points! Also, I would suggest the use of different styles/types of preaching. This can be very helpful not only to the preacher but also the audience. For example: On Sunday morning I preach in themes/ series that are practical, very life application, and seek to illustrate them very well. When preaching the remainder of the week (Sun night and Wed) I like to teach/preach through books of the Bible. I have learned that most of the people that attend these 2nd and 3rd services are looking for a deeper Bible Study....but be careful...make sure each point carries strong life application as well. I have found that book and verse to verse preaching is much easier for me to prepare. Also, I have found that it fits a variety of needs based on where people are spiritually. I give this article 5 stars!

Clark Frailey

September 10, 2007  9:56am

As a pastor that struggles with the secondary service and keeping it fresh, this article is one of the most useful articles I've ever read! A year ago I began focusing about 80% on my Sunday AM messages and have struggled with filling our secondary preaching time. This article provides a wealth of options that I hadn't thought about before. Thanks so much.

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