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Five Prayers for Every Preacher

In the midst of the countdown to Sunday, I'm learning to bathe my sermons with these five specific prayers.

Five Prayers for Every PreacherSee theme

Preaching, week in and week out, can be a grind. I remember hearing Bill Hybels refer to it this way, "You can only hit the same nail for so long before it gets old." I was younger when I heard his comment, and remember thinking "I can't imagine a day when I won't be absolutely energized by getting up to preach on a Sunday morning." Now I know better. Don't get me wrong. It's a worthy endeavor and I feel undeniably called to it. But when you speak almost every week, sometimes multiple messages, it can start to wear you down. And when it does my default is to focus more on content (What do I want to say?) than on my own spiritual engagement (Who do I want to be?).

So in the midst of the countdown to Sunday, I'm learning to bathe my sermons with these five specific prayers. I wish I could tell you I pray these prayers diligently every week that I speak; I don't. But when I do, I'm better prepared to wrestle down what I think God may be prompting ...

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Michael Spinelli

April 02, 2018  9:24am

These are great prayers. Thank you for encouraging us with them and encouraging us to pray them. I immediately felt like it will impact my focus as I prepare from week to week.

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Pastor Allan

April 01, 2018  3:28am

This is awesome Steve, you have blessed me beyond measure. I lay at the feet of Jesus and receive these gracious words to guide me as i preach the word God. Greetings from Uganda

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Minister Curtis Lwrence Jr.

January 11, 2018  12:32am

There is a profound anointing on these words of prayer. Golden in the hearts and mouths of the believers. Thank you!

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Debora Emerson

December 28, 2017  12:21pm

Thank you for putting this in perspective for me. I always pray before I prepare and preach but you have given me more to think about.

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Rev. Brint Keyes

August 30, 2017  2:52pm

Fantastic. Absolutely what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing these wise words of encouragement and guidance. (and a shout-out to Will -- !)

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