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Preaching the Gospel in Judges

Three principles for drawing the good news out of a dark chapter in Israel's history.

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A few months ago, I began a series on the Book of Judges by asking every one in my congregation to stand. Then I asked the people who had never heard a sermon on Judges to sit down. The results were the same in both of our worship services. Fifty percent of the people sat down. Next I asked those who had never heard a sermon on Judges except for the Gideon story to sit. Another twenty percent sat down. Then I instructed those who had never heard a sermon on Judges except for the Samson story to sit down. Another twenty percent sat down. As it turned out, only a dozen out of several hundred had previously heard a sermon from Judges on someone other than Gideon or Samson. My final question was, "How many of you have ever heard an entire sermon series on Judges?" This question effectively whittled down the troops to a number one-hundred times smaller than Gideon's tiny army when God finished sending his troops home. Three people remained standing! ...

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Nathan Howard

May 08, 2012  11:58am

Very helpful

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