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Group Sermon Preparation (part 2)

The power of a collaborative effort.

This is part two of a two-part series. In part one Dave Ferguson explained why his staff prepares sermons in community and painted a picture of what sermon group preparation looks like. In part two, he continues to add to his description and responds to concerns some might have with the discipline.

Preaching Today: When the initial meeting is done, what are the next steps you take as a group?

Dave Ferguson: Our Teaching Team Leader, Tim Sutherland, usually puts together the introduction, and those who have been appointed various tasks take the notes from the meeting and type them up. Each person has a week to get their portion of the message done. After all the parts of the sermon have been gathered, Tim edits the manuscript, creating what we call our 1.0. At this point we're seven weeks out from the actual sermon delivery, and we already have the initial draft of the sermon manuscript!

The heat gets turned up again on the Thursday and Friday before the Saturday or Sunday the message will ...

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