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The Necessity of Preaching Christ in a World Hostile to Him

Answering the challenge of pluralism

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This is an excerpt from the 2004 PreachingToday.com book of the year Preaching to a Shifting Culture.

Before considering how preaching that is faithful to the gospel must distinguish itself from the prevailing pluralism of this culture, we must consider whether the Bible expects such distinctions to be made. Modern evangelical preachers may too readily assume that the authors of Scripture did not face our challenges and framed the truths of the gospel without understanding of our context.

No context is more common to the authors of Scripture than religious pluralism. The monotheism of Israel was at odds with polytheism of Egypt, Canaan, Assyria, and Babylon. Still, God apparently felt no obligation to answer the cries of the priests of Baal in their duel with Elijah because they were sincere in their efforts to worship Israel's God in the best way they knew (). Daniel did not consider it unloving to testify of the Most High God to the king of a nation of many gods (), nor did the prophet ...

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