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How Long Is the Bridge to Postmoderns? (Part 4)

Take into account three changes in how people now think, and you can get a hearing.

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This is the fourth article in a five-part series. To read previous articles in the series, click: part one, part two, part three, part five.

In the first three articles in this series, we noted some of the mental habits of our postmodern fellow countrymen. Painting with broad brushstrokes, we characterized the postmodern mind as skeptical of certainty, rejecting of moral absolutes, and on guard against control. That raises the critical question: How does one preach to a world whose mind is imbued with relativism and on guard against the subversions of rhetoric? The next articles in this series provide some suggestions.

Preaching to the Postmodern Mind

Using a metaphor supplied by Millard Erickson, preachers should ask, "How can we lead a deconstructed horse to water?" Various options present themselves:

1. Deconstruct the water since this is the only kind of water such a horse will drink; that is, concede objective truth, a referential theory of language, and absolute morals. Deny the existence ...

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