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Lessons from John Stott

What Greg Scharf learned working with a preacher known for breathtakingly clear exposition.

PreachingToday.com: Greg, give us the background of how you ended up working with John Stott.

Greg Scharf: When I was a senior at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in the early 1970s, John was invited to teach preaching. I wasn't originally in the course, because I registered later than some others, and I went to the registrar and said, " Who do I have to bribe to get into this class? " He said, " If you get the instructor's signature that would be okay. " So I took it to Uncle John, as many of us in our generation refer to him — I didn't then but I do now — and asked him to sign that. He said sure. So I got into his class and in that class got to know him.

One of his grad assistants had spent time with Campus Crusade in Britain and arranged for me a 15-minute appointment with John. He said, " We're establishing an internship at All Souls, and I'd be happy if you applied for that. " Having done that I went over immediately after ...

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