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Pressured to Promote

Are church leaders twisting your arm to support their ministries from the pulpit? Here's how to lead the church and remain faithful to the Scriptures.

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Many leaders in the church where I minister believe that unless I as the preacher promote their ministry, it will fail. In just one recent week, various church leaders asked me to promote from the pulpit our student ministry, missions budget, small group ministry, and children's ministry. They count on me to be their public advocate. How are preaching pastors to respond to these expectations?

We could simply ignore these requests. For my first five years of preaching, that was my tack. "I'm called to preach the Bible," I responded, "so your ministry is going to have to succeed without my public promotion." My response was inadequate because it failed to understand that preaching is an act of leadership. To fail to address the church's ministries in preaching implies that the preacher has no leadership stake in these ministries. This response encourages ministries to become special interest groups, producing competition for resources.

Another response is to promote ministries when you feel ...

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