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No One Will Ever Know

Make professional-looking video using stuff lying around the house.

I like shooting video more than editing it. My problem is that there are far more gadgets for video production than my budget will allow. We do such a wide variety of projects, that I often find myself needing every tool at one point or another. So, one of my favorite things to do is to find ways to make professional-looking video for little or no money at all. My church doesn't have a budget for big productions (can you relate?), yet the expectation for better quality video is getting higher everyday. My quest is often one of looking around my garage to try and make something that will work like a pro rig. Rather than pretend to be professional, I thought I would share some of my video production secrets. You'll either be enlightened or disgusted, but here are my three favorites:

The StrollerCam

Dollies are a staple of the film industry. A dolly shot looks much better than a static or handheld shot and can be used to reveal stuff as the camera rolls along. If you include a dolly shot in ...

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