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Delivery: Part 2: Examples of Excellent Sermon Delivery

How do I speak in a way that arrests hearers?

Preaching Today Audio Examples of Excellent Sermon Delivery

Comparing our sermon delivery with that of others can be a big mistake. Every preacher is unique, and comparisons often lead only to pride, envy, or despair. On the other hand, just because our delivery is unique does not mean it is fully developed. Comparisons can open our eyes to things no one else will tell us. For that reason, if we can accept who God made us to be, we can benefit enormously by comparing our sermon delivery to other preachers with a similar style in order to get a better sense of what our unique style can be at its best.

So the purpose of listening to others is not to imitate them slavishly. This would violate one of the key characteristics of an effective delivery: authenticity. Instead, the goal is to make the most of our delivery within the range of what is authentic and possible for us.

For some of us, this means mustering more energy or variety. Or, by comparing our delivery to someone with a similar style, ...

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Brenden Bridges

June 05, 2014  9:59pm

After 20 + years of preaching still growing as a preacher.. Read a book recently called "principle preaching" which has challenged my approach to preaching. I tend to spend too much time in the prep than on the delivery. Need to work on the "pathos" as well as the "logos"..

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Bill Bowlby

January 29, 2007  11:24am

I am still studing these comcepts...While I have preached for years there is alway's room for improvment...I am still learning how to preach. I read all that I get my hands on and yet I feel like I have not done as good a job connecting with the people as I know I should...We had dinner with 2 couples last night and one of them said I have been in church for year, I am new to this church, I am hanging on each word because I really enjoy how you preach...Unfortunately of course not everyonethiks that..I find my self getting depresssed that I want to do better, I should do better but if I was better preacher the palce would be packed out....Blessings... Bill Bowlby, Pastor of Ryderwood Community church...

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