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One Way to Revitalize Your Summer Series

Walk your hearers through the lives of the ‘saints’ in Christian history.

One Way to Revitalize Your Summer Series

I entered the summer of 2008 with an old problem and a new conviction. The problem, for someone who was approaching his ninth summer as pastor of the same church, was maintaining excitement as I planned summer sermons (often a season of inconsistent attendance and low energy). The growing conviction concerned the power of Christian biography to inspire a disciple of Jesus. Having recently been enriched by reading biographies of pastors like John Stott and David Martyn Lloyd-Jones, I could testify to the value of walking around in another Christian’s lived experience. But how could I share that value with my congregation?

A Preacher Named Boreham

I would like to think that it was the Holy Spirit who intervened in an unlikely way to help solve my homiletical problem and stoke my theological conviction. The Spirit did so by introducing me to a Tasmanian preacher named F.W. Boreham (1871-1959). In his excellent aid to Christian biography—50 People Every Christian Should Know—Warren ...

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