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Planning One Year of Big Idea Sermons

The importance of collaboration in the development of sermon ideas.

Planning One Year of Big Idea Sermons

"Wow, you must be really organized!" is the comment we often hear when we tell people we plan all of our big idea teaching a year in advance. We wish that were the case. The creative chaos and our love for everything new tell the truth about us—we are not by nature a very organized group of leaders and artists. However, we have learned the value of collaboration and a simple strategy that has made a huge difference.

Collaboration is a must

We love collaboration at Community Christian Church. Everything we do is based on a firmly held value that we are better together than any one of us could be on our own. We believe that a team of people with a teaching gift will craft a better message in less time than any one person locking him or herself away for 20-25 hours in a study. Plus, "together" sounds a whole lot more fun to us.

Our teaching team is made up of a variety of people. Some contributors are regulars. I (Dave Ferguson) am the Lead Pastor of Community, and ...

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Bill Barto

May 02, 2016  9:19pm

I like the use of coordinated development but why not just use a schedule of readings like the Revised Common Lectionary? With its three year cycle and mix of thematic and topical selections it provides a lot of fuel for sermons. It seems like a common lectionary would be particularly useful to your team teaching approach.

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