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Three Legs of Preaching

A balanced message is theological, biblical, and practical. An interview with Randy Frazee.

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Preaching Today: In every sermon you preach, you strive to have what you call the three legs of preaching. What are they?

Randy Frazee: The three legs are simple — theological, biblical, and practical. I'm trying to present a message that's balanced — not just balanced in terms of preparing or crafting a sermon, but balanced for the listeners, the people you hope to be transformed into Christlikeness.
What we've done, first of all, is define what we believe are the core components of a Christian life. We call it the Christian Life Profile. It is made of ten core beliefs that we see are the predominant themes of the Scripture, and that should make up the way in which a believer thinks about the Bible and about life. These are ten core practices, as we read Genesis through Revelation, and particularly the New Testament, that the believer is to engage in.

Spiritual disciplines.

Spiritual disciplines, exactly right. We have a set of beliefs that renew our minds, and a set of ...

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Kyle Lewis

January 10, 2009  8:55am

Great thoughts, particularly about the exposition of the text.

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