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Preaching to Those Who Stop Believing

How to engage with 4 common influences that contribute to people walking away from the faith.

Preaching to Those Who Stop Believing
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The email message said it all. It was from a young Christian, I’ll call Steve, who had just returned from a business trip on which he had shared his faith with a colleague. Or should I say, tried to share his faith, because it had not gone well. The colleague had once been a devout Christian but had rejected the faith and was now an ardent and very knowledgeable critic of Christianity.

For every point Steve made, his colleague was one step ahead of him. He knew the point and immediately raised a problem with it and Steve found himself unable to respond. In addition, his colleague raised new challenges Steve had never heard before. The longer it went, the worse it got and when the weekend was over, Steve returned home with a faith crisis of his own, and a long list of unanswered questions about his faith.

When I related Steve’s story to a close pastor friend, he admitted his own lack of confidence that his parishioners would fare any better if faced with these kinds of criticisms. ...

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