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Preaching on Acts 21-28

Don’t skip what Luke says about Paul and the spread of the gospel to ‘the ends of the earth.’

Preaching on Acts 21-28

The movie No Country For Old Men was released in 2007 to widespread acclaim, and won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The story presents itself as a well-executed, seemingly straightforward thriller. Our protagonist stumbles upon the bloody aftermath of a drug deal gone bad in the Texas desert, and discovers a caseload of money. Making off with the cash, he is subsequently pursued by a murderous villain following the money, and a grizzled sheriff investigating the crime. It’s typical crime drama material at the outset.

But then, the narrative veers into unexpected territory. [SPOILER ALERT!] The protagonist is killed suddenly, almost by happenstance, and his death isn’t even portrayed onscreen. The story resolves neither redemptively (the villain gets away) nor conclusively (the movie stops abruptly in the middle of a conversation). First-time viewers might easily walk away wondering, “Wait—that’s how it ends?!”

The Book of Acts is like that. For twenty-plus ...

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