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When Illustrations Go Awry

On sticky notes and paper shredders.

When Illustrations Go Awry

Interesting things happen when interactive sermon illustrations go awry.

A recent interactive illustration came off the rails at the end of a message about the prodigals Jesus talked about in his parable about a loving, waiting father.

Spoiler alert: Both the younger and the older brother in the story fit the description of a prodigal. One was literally distant from the father. He was the obvious prodigal. The other lived in the same space with his father but was also distant. His bitterness and unforgiveness kept him far from true communion.

The big idea of this particular message is that we all become prodigals when we allow unforgiveness to develop distance between God and ourselves. That same unforgiveness also affects our earthly relationships. If we say we love God while we’re busy bad mouthing the person(s) who hurt us we’re definitely not basking in the light of truth.

Sticky Notes and Paper

How to drive home this point? I decided to build an analogy around the difference ...

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