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Preaching on Adoption into God’s Family

Application to adopting and fostering children must be handled with clarity and care.

Preaching on Adoption into God’s Family

I grew up in a family with two adopted sisters, one from the India, the other from South Korea. Now my wife and I have three adopted children of our own, choosing to adopt through the foster care system.

This experience, first as a brother and now as a father, has taught me much about myself and even more about God. It has clarified biblical truths and promises in a way that no amount of exegesis could ever do. The reason is simple: The Christian life cannot be understood without understanding adoption.

J.I. Packer, in his monumental book, Knowing God, said it best when he taught that adoption “is the highest privilege that the gospel offers: higher even than justification.” It is one thing for God the Father to forgive sinners. It is entirely another to adopt them into his family. Yet, that is what the Bible teaches. We are not merely forgiven. We are graciously invited into God’s family as his children, coheirs with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This fact is not to be kept secret. ...

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