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Lessons I Learned from Haddon W. Robinson

Wisdom from a preacher for preachers.

Lessons I Learned from Haddon W. Robinson

A year has passed since my friend, mentor, and preaching model Haddon Robinson died. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him and thank God for his impact on my life. Regularly I've reflected on the ways in which Haddon Robinson taught me. Below are some of the valuable lessons I learned about preaching and the living of life.

Preaching lessons

We preach ideas. Robinson's homiletic is simple: We preach ideas. The preacher's currency is language—words. These words communicate ideas. The preacher's responsibility is to communicate ideas clearly. Communicating clear ideas is central to good communication.

Preach the idea of the text. Robinson was insistent that the idea of the sermon is rooted in the biblical text. His entire homiletic is based on a faithful rendering of the biblical text underscored by rigorous exegesis. Robinson emphasized the importance of working with the original languages and engaging in solid study in the historical and ...

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