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Preaching on the Parables of Jesus

How to read and communicate Jesus' stories for spiritual impact and life transformation.

Preaching on the Parables of Jesus

Everyone loves a good story. The popularity of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Game of Thrones illustrates the affection most of us have for engaging tales of romance, intrigue, and the omnipresent theme of good versus evil.

As evidenced by the variety, characterization, and sheer spontaneity of his parables, Jesus must have been the most brilliant storyteller of all time. While brief, his stories are filled with engaging characters who grab our attention: harsh judges who care nothing for poor widows, rich men gone bad and shrewd stewards gone worse, prodigal sons who eat out of pig sties, and shocking Samaritans who rescue wounded Jewish travelers.

Moreover, Jesus appears to have told his stories "on the spot"; there's no indication that he ruminated for days or weeks creating tales of spiritual truth. As he traveled throughout ancient Israel preaching on the kingdom of God, he assessed the situation and then brilliantly imagined stories ...

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