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Karl Barth and the Phenomenon of Prophetic Preaching

There is a need for Spirit-empowered sermons that are transformational in their effect.

Karl Barth and the Phenomenon of Prophetic Preaching

My already passionate commitment to the task of preaching was further enhanced when as a young seminarian I was exposed to the theology of Karl Barth. According to Kurt Anders Richardson, "Barth wanted his readers to focus on the active revelation of God's Word, which God is constantly accomplishing through Scripture, and the preaching of Scripture by the power of the Holy Spirit" (Reading Karl Barth). In Barth I discovered some theological support for something I'd experienced but couldn't define: preaching that's empowered by the Holy Spirit in a special way. This discovery was important to me at the time. Thirty years and thousands of sermons later, it still is.

Barth and my preaching journey

I became a Christ-follower and a young preacher within an ecclesial tradition that nurtured within me an appreciation for preaching that's "anointed" by the Holy Spirit. Though I eventually came to believe that the earmarks of this anointing had to involve ...

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