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Preaching: Behind the Scenes

A look into the sermon preparation of Jeremy McKeen and Paul Copan.

Preaching: Behind the Scenes

Preaching is a lot like giving birth. While we've never given birth to a baby ourselves, as fathers we've made every effort to support our wives during the pregnancy process and have learned a lot of things along the way. One of those was that everyone celebrates the baby, but barely anyone focuses on the demands of the pregnancy and delivery. This is the case with so many things: the practice and rigorous training of an athlete before a popular sporting event, all the details and work that go into a celebrated piece of art—the list could go on. The same could be said of preaching. Everyone hears the sermon, but rarely do people know all that happens behind the scenes. Randy Richards—a biblical scholar and colleague of Paul's—is sometimes asked after preaching, "How long did it take you to prepare that sermon?" Randy replies, "Oh, about thirty years."

So what are some of the things that go into the making of a solid sermon? Much could be ...

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