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Preaching the Real Jesus in a Messy World

Your sermon should help people meet with Jesus in a profound way.

Preaching the Real Jesus in a Messy World

"Life is messy. And Jesus is real. Life will always be messy. And Jesus will always be real. Let's simply respond to Jesus in the midst of the mess." You can't spend more than a few moments at Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA, where I have the pleasure of pastoring, without hearing these types of quotations. And not just from one of the pastors either. We believe that Jesus is really real. We like to say that Jesus is at street level for everyone. But we also believe that life is messy; exceedingly, frustratingly, yet beautifully messy. We simultaneously embrace Jesus and expect that on this side of eternity, life happens. Just as Jesus is at street level for us, we want to preach the real Jesus in a very real and messy world.

We need to follow the Jesus we preach.

Of course, for preachers, this goes without saying. But as you well know, it needs to be said anyway. Our lives are messy. The work of ministry is full of mess. Plus we have our own personal messes. ...

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Conrad L. Jones

June 23, 2015  6:54am

As a preacher and pastor myself, Daniel, your insights are timely, relevant, and one to which I believe many preachers can relate. How to help people connect with the message, ministry and miracles of Jesus in real and dynamic ways with every presentation we make, while remaining true to the power of The Word, should be foremost in all of our minds. I believe as preachers, we have the privilege of partnering with God to help the people we are assigned to reach, to experience the transformed life as found in Jesus Christ; and to do so, we must always ask the Holy Spirit to help us present the Good News in ways that people can understand, connect with, and apply to daily life, so they can receive what God has promised in His Word. Thanks Daniel for addressing this subject from a principled and practical perspective.

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