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Honoring Haddon Robinson

Reflections from pastors on lessons they have learned from Haddon Robinson.

Honoring Haddon Robinson

Editor’s Note: On July 22nd we lost one of the master preachers in AmericaHaddon Robinson. His influence on preaching and pastors can be felt all over the world. But it really hit home with us here at Preaching Today since we consider him the Grandfather of Preaching Today, as he was a Senior Editor for Preaching Today. I never had the great honor to meet or talk with him, but the stories I hear from other pastors who sat under him, including my own father, move me to become a better proclaimer of the gospel. I hope these stories below show how much he loved preaching and preparing those who were called to the ministry. This post will continue to be updated as others share their stories and lessons learned from Haddon Robinson. If you have a story you would like to share about the impact he has had on your preaching feel free to email it to

You can read Christianity Today’s tribute here.

Ken Shigematsu – Pastor of Tenth Avenue Church in ...

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Jerry Rockwell

September 25, 2017  9:53am

Anyone who had the privilege of sitting under the teaching of Haddon Robinson, as I did, will always be indebted to his keen insight into the art of preaching. I still have the class notes which pre-dated the publication of the book "Biblical Preaching." As Marshall Shelly (note above), I never prepare a sermon without remembering to get the "Big Idea." The blessings of being taught by a man who had a passion for preaching, is one of the great blessings of life as a preacher.

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Michael Wilde

August 21, 2017  3:55pm

I loved his expressions and tried to write down his quotes. In talking about grace and depravity he said, "Roses grow out of manure piles." About church attendance and preaching, "People come to church to get them through the week, not just to hear the Bible." In talking about aimless preaching, "Many of us are like Christopher Columbus- he left and didn't know where he was going. When he got there he didn't know where he was, and when he got back he didn't know where he had been." In telling stories, "There is the law of final stress," and "If you're going to tell a story well, you have to relive it." In preaching "lists" he said, "Beware of lists- they don't preach well, They become buckshot." Re: context- "The Bible cannot mean today what it did not mean when written." Re: ignorance and unbelief, "God overlooks ignorance, He never overlooks unbelief." Re: the preacher and the Lord, "There is no such thing as a great preacher, only a great Christ." I was blessed to learn from him.

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Iain Crichton

August 09, 2017  3:40pm

His insistence on preaching without notes taught me to learn the story before telling the story

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Center Point Chrc

July 26, 2017  2:06pm

Insightful memories about a special man who touched so many lives.

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