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Deep Preaching

Trust in the power, presence, and guidance of the Holy Spirit in your sermon prep and preaching.

Deep Preaching

For years, I had a misguided Trinitarian approach to preaching: God the Father, Son, and Self-Reliance.

I had given a lot of lip service to the Holy Spirit by acknowledging his presence, but I hadn't experienced his power or showed evidence of partnering with him in my daily life. This realization triggered repentance and required a great deal of unlearning and reorientation of my heart and mind in order to come to trust the Holy Spirit in my preaching. It was painful, but necessary—and I'm still in process. Preaching in the power of the Spirit is certainly not an equation or a step-by-step formula where we look to insert the Holy Spirit into the preaching process. The Spirit is central—and, by his grace, I have a role to play in it.

But what does it mean to preach in the power of the Spirit—practically? And how might preachers enter into a process that involves an ever-deepening trust in the presence, power, and guidance of the Spirit that leads to deeper preaching? ...

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July 13, 2017  9:38am

Great article. Especially love the image of a dance with the Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit as the leader. Thanks - this is an article I will reread.

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