Chapter 1

The Preacher's 'Forgotten God'

3 ways to incorporate the Holy Spirit in our preaching.

When I was candidating for my first full-time pastoral position, one of the assistant pastors at the church looked me up and down with his arms folded across his chest. It was an unnerving feeling as we were standing in the church's parking lot. He then pricked my conscience by asking this blunt question: "So Matt, how many hours a day do you pray?" My immediate reaction was one of scoffing on the inside: Excuse me? The nerve of this guy! Who does he think he is? But, to tell you the truth, the question stumped me. Good questions can sting the soul. I thought to myself, "Hours? I don't think in terms of hours. I think in terms of minutes." Instead of answering his question with a quantitative number, I embarrassingly just blurted out something generic: "Of course, I pray regularly." As I continued to search for that first pastorate, however, that question never escaped me: "So Matt, how many hours a day do you pray?"

In asking this very pointed ...

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