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My Unusual Preaching Feedback Team

The impact five dead prophets have on my sermon preparation each week.

My Unusual Preaching Feedback Team

I am pleased to introduce a most unusual sermon feedback team: 5 dead prophets. Nothing gets past them, which is why I keep them at the table. Their insights get to the heart of the matter, transcending mere praise or criticism. I invite you to experience the cross-pressure and promise of our conversation. I hope it will make your sermons more fruitful and faithful.

More Scripture

Moses says: "more Scripture." Of all my preaching mentors, Moses is the most experienced and the least gifted. When I give a sermon that is a touch too clever, Moses warns me that a preacher's authority comes not from his eloquence but from faithfulness to what God has already revealed. Moses has no patience for charlatans. He wants God's people to be nourished by biblical meat, not impressed with special tricks. Moses pokes a bony finger at my chest and stutters out a warning: "Man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord!" He has ...

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Charles Schwab

February 13, 2017  4:15pm

For those earnestly desiring to fulfill the calling to preach, this article should be found one of the most helpful. This is not a "quick fix" about oratory, but a biblical road-map towards being used by God ever more effectively to expound his Word. It is well worth considering. I think it can be a major help.

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Nate Beasley

February 11, 2017  11:00am

Amen. Thank you.

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