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Preaching on Politics from the Pulpit

5 tips to help you preach during the political season.

Preaching on Politics from the Pulpit

The 2016 presidential campaign season has been as divisive as any we've seen in decades. In the midst of all of the political pyrotechnics, many local pastors are wondering how to properly address socio-political matters from the pulpit without threatening the peace, purity, and unity of the flock. Jesus' instructions about paying taxes to Caesar offers wisdom for how to address thorny political issues from the pulpit.

In Mark 12:13-17 some Pharisees and Herodians approach Jesus and publicly ask him about his politics. They ask "Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?" The kensos or "poll tax" was at the center of a socio-political firestorm because it was considered the symbol of Jewish oppression. It was the annual one denarius tax, about one day's wage, that Rome imposed on every non-citizen (including every Jewish man and woman) throughout Empire to fund the continued Roman occupation of Judea. Every time they paid it, the Jews were reminded that ...

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Michael Allen

June 15, 2016  5:11am

I found this article to be well thought out and prayed about - although the starting point is the US election the article speaks to any political process/election. I have seen politics in my own country take primary place and cause divisions within church fellowships; and Christianity used to justify a wide range of political beliefs and those beliefs used to judge other believers 'faith'. thank you for this article and I pray that God will bless your ministry.

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Matt Woodley

June 14, 2016  9:24am

John: Thank you for your thoughtful comment. We could only wish that all comments on divisive issues were as kind and yet direct as yours. Keep up the good work, brother. Editor,

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June 14, 2016  7:46am

Excellent advice on a divisive and difficult issue.

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June 13, 2016  11:18am

Please receive my comment as inquisitive- and in no way meant to start an angry tiraid of people bashing comments- I have seen that and it is not pretty. (We eat our own rather visously and quickly) I have never commented on an article before... I appreciate the wisdom found in this particular article and this is topic I have pondered. It was stated or illuded to that believers can be conservative, liberal or independent... But I am very concerned about the thought processes of my Christian brothers and sisters who choose more liberal, social kinds of topics and allow those, though real needs, to trump the abortion issue. For me, as a citizen, as a believer, and as a pastor the killing of innocent life (life from conception) is the watermark that I rely on to take my electorial, political, and social stances. For all the truth found in the article- I believe and I preach (I never mention names or parties from the pulpit) that all Christians have the responsibility to study God's Word and vote what is "absolutely right" in God's eyes- over our own opinions and personal biases... I believe we will held accountable for the votes we cast. My thoughts are humbly and lovingly presented...

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June 13, 2016  9:22am

Right on! We should be teaching our flock to think through issues theologically, recognizing that Christians are both liberal and conservative in thought. A healthy church will have all sides respecting differences and holding hands at the foot of the cross

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