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God's Huckster

Preaching Jesus in a politically-charged climate.

God's Huckster

I pastor a church made up of (at best guess) 40% Democrats, 40% Republicans, and 20% unaffiliated. In short, that's a rather politically inclined (and charged) church community. It creates, I admit, quite the homiletical headache. Broadly, the Democrats desire me to teach more on the "systemic" issues of society—ecological degradation, racism, and marriage equality. The other half, however, wish I talked more about "personal" issues—repentance, sexual fidelity, and methods for a healthy prayer life. Just about everyone is looking for something different; a reality that might just drive just about any preacher insane. It certainly does me!

It's an important question: how does one preach faithfully in a politically-charged climate?

The gospel is political

We must begin with a simple truth: the gospel is political. Into the old creation, Jesus Christ descended that he might establish a "new creation." There, it is written, "the old things ...

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June 24, 2016  8:06pm

Thank you for some insight is a very tough political season.

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William Sillings

June 20, 2016  1:12pm

Very thought provoking. One point I'd like to see addressed: One of the problems with Evangelical theologies is the pessimistic "posit" that Christ's Kingdom is mostly future, that Christ does not intend his kingdom to reign until the millennium, and that Christians just have to wait until that time comes. Mr. Swoboda comes close to a better point of view when he says that Christianity should affect one's political position. When he posits that Christ rejects the political offices we offer him, he is correct. However, isn't that because he already reigns, that his rule extends to all the earth, and that Christians are actually ambassadors sent forth to announce his reign in all the earth? Does such rule not include his reign over political, societal and economic aspects of world existence? Does his reign not mean present day rulership over all? Of course, our problem is, that if we're just waiting for some future return, he doesn't get to reign now. That seems erroneous to me.

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Mark Pitts

June 20, 2016  10:29am

Very thought provoking and incredibly timely.

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