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Preaching God's Unfathomable Comfort

God comforts your hearers through your sermons.

Preaching God's Unfathomable Comfort

We mostly preach sermons of comfort at funerals, dabbing at the tears with the Scripture's promises of heaven for the believer and help for the sorrowing. We preach Comfort (capital C) after great distress in our country or community. But other than that we preachers do not usually set out to preach comfort to our people. It seldom seems to be the need of the hour.

Yet shepherds know, when we think about it, that our people often live with undercurrents of fear, shame, or sorrow. Among our flock on any given Sunday are those worried about their unworthiness or waywardness. And there is in all believers a restless homesickness whether they think about it or not. In your flock there is one whose aching body has left her soul weary. There is a couple whose children walk a dreadful path. A brother whose anger is a dark, cancerous secret. And there, one whose depression seems to isolate him even from God. Ah yes, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."

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