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The Cruciform Pastorate

You can't be a pastor without embracing heartache and heartbreak.

The Cruciform Pastorate

One of the leading insights for us at the Center for Pastor Theologians has been the influence of social location on theological reflection. In the high-tide of postmodernism, it's almost cliché to make this point about social location. But for pastor theologians, it's still a point worth emphasizing. Pastors inhabit a different sort of vocational space, or social location, than, say, academics; it's an ecclesial location, and this shapes our theological reflection. So, what is it about the pastoral calling, or pastoral social location, that influences theological reflection in unique and helpful ways?

The ecclesial location entails cruciform vocation

As I read the New Testament, not least the teaching of Jesus and the letters of Paul, as I read biographies of pastors of old, and as I reflect on my own experience, I find myself arriving at this conclusion: the pastor's ecclesial location entails a cruciform vocation.

Cruciformity, literally means conformity to the Cross ...

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Robert G Madden

August 30, 2016  8:53pm

I was quite impressed with this article. It reminded readers that ministry was not a bed of roses, that many challenges would be faced. Some of these challenges could be be very severe, church members could be very unkind and downright rude. The author concluded the article by focusing on the importance of constant prayer in the life of the pastor if he/she will be successful in ministry.

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