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4 Diagnostic Questions for Every Sermon

Providing the baseline for your sermon.

4 Diagnostic Questions for Every Sermon

As we launch a new series of skills articles called "Back to the Basics," we asked a younger preacher (Daniel Fusco) and a veteran preacher of almost 25 years (Matt Woodley, Editor of to weigh in on the four basics of every good sermon. Think of them as four simple, routine, diagnostic questions that will help you prepare every sermon. It's like going to the doctor's office for a routine checkup. They almost always ask the same set of questions: What's your weight? What's your temperature? What's your blood pressure? What meds are you currently taking? It's basic stuff, but it provides the baseline for the rest of your checkup. In the same way, these four questions provide the baseline for everything else in your sermon.

So here are the four basic, routine, diagnostic questions we asked Fusco and Woodley to address:

  1. What does the text say?
  2. What does the text mean today?
  3. How is the Holy Spirit leading us through this text?
  4. Where is Jesus in this text?

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Geoff Hudleston

May 22, 2017  2:09pm

Hallelujah! Thank you brethren for depicting the essence of preaching. As a beginning Lay Minister, these foundations will help carry me far. I also liked the comment about what the people as a church can do, with God and for God.

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April 29, 2016  10:53am

Thank you for the encouragement and challenge of this fantastic article. I pray many fellow preachers will read it and let it soak in. Thank-you Daniel and Matt!

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April 28, 2016  4:53pm

Reminds me of my Pastor Miles

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