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Not So Minor After All

The powerful relevance of the Minor Prophets for God's people today.

Not So Minor After All

When I was growing up, I had a nickname, and like many of my nicknames, I did not like it very much. I was called "Little Mitch." I was given that name not because I was so small but because my older brother was so big. He, of course, was "Big Mitch."

In the Old Testament there are a series of books called the Minor Prophets. If these prophets were alive today they might resent that name because they're certainly not of minor significance. They're called that because of their brevity, especially compared to the bigger, longer prophetic books like Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Originally, in the Hebrew Scripture, this band of 12 Minor Prophets came bound together as one book, called The Book of the Twelve. They're called prophets not because they predicted the future, though they did that, but because they spoke the word of God. They were God's mouthpiece. Their message wasn't some kind of crystal ball through which we see into the future, but rather it was ...

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