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R-Rated: Preaching on Taboo Topics

3 tips to help you preach the difficult passages of Scripture.

R-Rated: Preaching on Taboo Topics

It was the summer of 2014 when I found myself in the middle of teaching through the book of Joshua. That is when I came to the next section in the book: 5:13-6:25. I knew I was going to have to tackle it when we started the book, but it was now the week where I had to tackle the never ending questions from the skeptics that I knew I was going to have to address: Why would God kill innocent people? How can I believe in a God who would do that? Or they would make statements like, "Causing a genocide is not my idea of a loving God."

The week before I taught on this a guy let me know he knew the passage was coming up and he was "extremely curious" to hear my perspective because he had researched this for three years. That wasn't exactly encouraging.

There are all sorts of questions, opinions and connotations that surface when we take on harder topics. This is one tension with teaching through books of the Bible, you can't dodge these things. Although the tension subsided, ...

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