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R-Rated: Preaching the HARD Texts of the Bible

4 tips to preaching the challenging parts of God's Word.

R-Rated: Preaching the HARD Texts of the Bible

I love the Bible. And I love getting to teach it. Maybe I am weird, but I really love the hard parts of the Bible. There is something that happens, first within the heart of a pastor, and then within the heart of the congregation when challenging texts are on display, especially texts that are not "culturally acceptable."

I have a confession to make: I brought the Crossroads Family through the entire book of Leviticus at the rate of about a chapter a study. Shocking, isn't it? I decided to subject the congregation for half a year to me preaching through the "graveyard of many read-through-the-Bible attempts." I decided that we needed to deal with all that was in that great and inspired and terrifying text. And we did. Our mid-week gathering grew in the process. People wanted to hear and understand the Word of God, and they appreciated the fact that their pastor wanted to wrestle with one of the most challenging parts of God's Word with them.

So I want to take ...

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