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Groundhog Day Christmas

Reclaiming wonder during the Christmas season.

Groundhog Day Christmas

Does it seem like Christmas is starting earlier and earlier each year? It feels like the day after Halloween the Christmas commercials begin. I try to hold Christmas at bay in my mind until after Thanksgiving. But last week I had a meeting with the creative team at our church to start talking about Easter. Sometimes it feels like the weeks and the seasons all start to blur together. If there hadn't already been four inches of snow in Detroit, I wouldn't even know it's winter.

The challenge of Christmas

There's a challenge that comes with gearing up for Advent or Holy Week, depending on the season. The more of them I do, the more difficult it can be for me to fully engage. I feel like the little boy who told his mother he didn't want to go to church for Easter, because he "hates wearing a tie and the story always ends the same way."

I sometimes straddle two equally unattractive options as the clock counts down to Christmas. First is the temptation of boredom in ...

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John Newson

December 15, 2014  3:47pm

THANK YOU! I needed this reminder.

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