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Christmas Jitters

4 tips for thriving during this Christmas season.
Christmas Jitters
Image: Aleksei / Unsplash

When preachers see that Christmas is coming, we get a bit apprehensive and nervous. We might have gone through a great kick-off weekend for the church as the summer faded away and the fall began. Even as we navigate preaching through the months of September through November we engage in the rhythm of a sermon series or a topical study that addresses the needs of our listeners.

But Christmas is different. Christmas gives us the jitters. Sure, Christmas has the hope of the Incarnation, but it is mixed with a host of uncertainties. The uncertainties, the jitters of Christmas, include the complexity of the season, how to structure the service(s), and jitters about the sermon.

I’ve been there. I confess that at times I wished I could skip over the last month of the year and start the new year afresh. As I peered ahead in the fall to see December 25 on the horizon, I would begin to get anxious, nervous, a bit jittery as I thought about planning for yet another Christmastide. What’s ...

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