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Jump-start Your Christmas Preaching

How to keep your Christmas sermons fresh

PreachingToday.com: Tell us about a few things you've learned about preaching during the Christmas season. What's one thing that surprised you about preaching during this season?

Lee Eclov: First, you don't have to preach a series. I often do, but since it is not my custom to follow the liturgical calendar, I no longer always feel compelled to preach sermons in early December that relate to Christmas. However, the Sunday before Christmas at least must be a seasonal sermon.

The sentiment of the season poses a special preaching challenge. Many people like to feel the season. We should not succumb to sappy stories or to imaginative add-ons to biblical stories. This might be the hardest time of the year to keep our finger on the text. I'm kind of a Scrooge about Christmas decorations and traditions but I try to be respectful of others' feelings, and I do look for great stories I can use to supplement my message. (PreachingToday.com provides a great source for these.)

When ...

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