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The Power of Preaching Teams

How to amplify the ministry of your church by raising up other preachers

Having one preaching pastor works well when a church has what I call the overpowering communicator. The overpowering communicator is the person who is such a good communicator that no one else in the church, or maybe even in the geographical locale, can compete in the pulpit.

But given that there are roughly 375,000 Protestant churches in the country and probably no more than several hundred overpowering communicators, I advocate for the use of preaching teams in many, if not most, congregations. Based on my observation and experience, preaching teams are an underutilized strategy for church growth, evangelistic outreach, and pastoral impact.

Two reasons to transition to team-preaching

The first benefit of developing a preaching team is different styles of communication appeal to different people. If the pastor is not an overpowering communicator, chances are he or she is only going to attract a certain type of person. If others in leadership who have a teaching gift are allowed to preach ...

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