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What the Holy Spirit Can Do in Your Preaching

In times like these, we need the power of God more than ever.

What the Holy Spirit Can Do in Your Preaching

Jesus said that the presence and work of the Holy Spirit resembles wind blowing in the leaves of a tree. What a perfect metaphor to describe a reality that no human can understand, much less control, but O how we long for the leaves to flutter when we preach! To that end, we spoke with Brooklyn Tabernacle pastor Jim Cymbala to see what preachers can learn from his new book "Spirit Rising: Tapping into the Power of the Holy Spirit" (Zondervan, 2012). Why do preachers and their congregations need to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit?

Jim Cymbala: Christianity is in decline in America. A radical evaluation is needed of what we are doing and how we are going to turn the tide. That will require preaching that wins souls, brings glory to God, and strengthens believers to go out and share Christ. There is no hope without the Holy Spirit coming. Call it revival, call it renewal—I'm not talking about emotionalism or fanaticism—but something has to ...

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Ikenna Okafor

October 09, 2013  11:39pm

This is Life transforming!

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February 02, 2013  11:37am

Jim Cymbala does not preach correct doctrine about The Holy Spirit but instead has his readers seeking after "new revelations" & "fresh words" Jesus never taught. Add on name it and claim it, blab it and grab it, word faith new age emergent church charismatic chaos? We have what Jesus taught would happen in the end of days. False teachers telling smooth things to those who insist "feelings" are now the replacement for Biblical Facts. That takes to much time and study and does not sell books!

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Peter Pettitt

September 17, 2012  5:31am

We are not orphans , the Holy Spirit has been here for us since Jesus ascended. If we repent, remove anything in our life that is not pure and or clean, testify what Jesus has done in our lives and get ready to be used.Whether as a preacher or gifts to the poor, God is searching looking, for a man, a man who will take the Gospel in it's power and impact the world !!! Like Wigglesworth, Finney, Spurgeon and Wesley brothers Are you that man ? Preach it Jim !!!

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sylvia p. wright

August 28, 2012  4:14pm

I have always known this to be true according to Scripture. However, I have not been true to my self in preaching it, nor to the Spirit or those whom he came to comfort. Thanks for clearing my vision!

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Tommy Taylor

August 27, 2012  10:39am

RIGHT ON TARGET! Thank you for such a "good word" to all who "bring the Word" to people!

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