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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

The art of not overdoing it.

There's a guy at my church named Jared (not his real name). He's a faithful volunteer who is also a whiz with computers. Honestly, I feel lucky to have him because he consistently goes above and beyond in creating PowerPoint slides. He seems to know every piece of software out there; in fact, he gets so excited about all the "cool" things he can do with his computer that he tends to go overboard with flying text and animations.

Everyone knows someone like Jared. The problem is that many Jareds seem to think that knowing software is equal to knowing how to create good art. They think because they know Photoshop that makes them a graphic artist. Churches are in the habit of using people with knowledge instead of style. After all, it's a challenge to find good volunteers and we sometimes value their time despite their lack of talent. The advent of computers and software has changed the questions we ask. Instead of asking, "Are you an artist?", we ask, "Do you know Photoshop?" An approach like ...

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