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Color Matters

Get the most out of your color choices.

The effects of color are elusive, unquantifiable mysteries, yet they have profound effects on our emotions and thought processes. I have a childhood memory of a neighbor who painted their house red and black. Immediately they were under suspicion by the entire block. A simple color choice influenced people's perception of their character and stability. Color has the ability to raise your blood pressure, capture your attention, and inspire worship.

When you think of aggression, the speeding red car or the woman in the red dress comes to mind. You can be green with envy or blue with sadness. You might wear a yellow arm band, identifying yourself with Lance Armstrong. Even as babies we were associated with pink or blue based on our sex.

As a multimedia producer, I've come to realize that color treatment can influence people and enhance meaning in the context of ministry and worship. Color choices affect mediums such as video, lighting, web, staging, and even our clothing. Whether you're editing ...

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